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If you're a Property Owner in Pine Ridge Estates and are looking for an interesting and exciting hobby, you may want to join us in the Pine Ridge Radio Control Club.

Club members must own property in Pine  Ridge Estates. All members are required to join the AMA (Academy of Model  Aeronautics), a national organization that provides information about the hobby and  insurance coverage  for model aircraft flyers. We have regular club meetings on the third Tuesday of each month (except July & August), 7pm at the Community Center. The field is open for flying during daylight hours. Flying at the field is limited to electric  powered, light weight, R/C model aircraft. Gas or glow fuel powered model airplanes are not permitted. We have club members who will assist in training new members  interested in learning to fly. The training of new flyers is  accomplished by using the “buddy box” method where one of our  instructors has primary control over the model airplane while the  trainee has the ability to control the airplane in a secondary  capacity.  These club members have successfully trained many new  flyers in the art of radio controlled flight.  A potential new member  can fly as a guest of a current member three times prior to making the  decision to join the  the club.  The guest must be a member of the AMA. Flying is limited to three aircraft at one time, except at specialty events.  The Club  installed four pilot stations with safety barriers for the pilots and  marked off designated parking areas for flyers and spectators. In January 2017, we  worked  with the Pine Ridge Property Owners Association. to install a new, 200 x 30 ft. asphalt runway. Anyone seeking to learn how to fly or obtain additional information  about the club can visit us at the field or attend one of our  meetings. Pine Ridge residents wishing to watch R/C Electric Aircraft are always welcome at the field. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 7 PM at the Community Center (excluding July and August)..

Club Rules

 Effective April 1, 2016

1) All members will be required to be enrolled and current members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (hereafter referred to as AMA) which includes a model aircraft insurance program. All members must have a valid Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Certificate Of Registration (FAA Registration Number).

2) Payment of annual membership dues is required to join the club. All renewal membership dues must be paid by Dec. 31st for the following year.

3) Each member will be an experienced flyer or be required to fly with a flying instructor utilizing the “buddy box” training system until enough experience has been accrued to safely fly on their own.

4) Each member must own property in Pine Ridge.

5) Non Pine Ridge residents that have current AMA cards and valid Small UAS Certificate Of Registration (FAA registration number) can only fly at the Pine Ridge flying field as a guest of a current Pine Ridge R/C Electric Airplane Club member. Member must be present and assume responsibility for their guest in accordance with Pine Ridge’s Community Facility Operations Policy.

6) It is suggested that Club Members display their current membership card on their hat or shirt while at the field.

7) Student flyers can experience flying three times with a Club member flying instructor utilizing the “buddy box” training system.

If they are still interested in learning to fly they must first join the AMA program, register for Small UAS Certificate Of Registration Identification (FAA registration number) and then apply for membership in the Pine Ridge R/C Electric Airplanes Club.

8) Only park flyer type electric aircraft or gliders will be allowed to be flown at the field.

9) No member or guest will fly any model aircraft at the field unless it is identified with the owner/pilots name, address, AMA number and Small UAS Certificate Of Registration Identification (FAA registration number) affixed either inside or outside of the model aircraft.

10) As per AMA rules, all flights will be flown in front of flight line. 

11) All flyers will stand in the designated Flight Stations for all flying including take off and landings.

All take off and landings must be clearly and loudly announced prior to initiating such action.

12) No aircraft will be flown closer than 25 feet to any individual.

13) Spectators will be kept at a minimum of 50 feet from flight line.

14) Only three aircraft will be allowed in the air at one time, except at specialty events.

15) Parking of cars at the field will be only for spectators and those flying at field.

All parking must be within the defined parking area. 

16) Flyers will mark the appropriate channel number on the flight board at the field to identify the transmitter band in use by the flyer.

Once flyer leaves the flight station they will remove their channel marker from the flight board.

2.4 GHz transmitters are excluded from the channel marking of the flight board.

17) A notice sign will be at the field entrance which will be used to  inform spectators of risks involved and to proceed to the flying field at their own risk. 

18) All members and spectators will be expected to drive slowly to the field to help keep dust down as much as possible and to be extremely careful if horses are around.

Note – at the present time there are no horses in the area of the flying field except at the marked crossings.

19) Each and every member present at the field will adhere to and enforce the Rules of this Club.

Club Officers

President - Rich Davies
Vice President - Skip Aglio
Secretary - Bob Starr
Treasurer - Dale Curan
Safety - Gene Kolen

Contact Us

Come see us in person!

 Come out to the Field. Drive through to the back of the Community Center Parking lot and follow the signs to the Flying Field  
Come to a Meeting (3rd Tuesday of the Month, except July and August, 7pm, at the Community Center)  

Pine Ridge Radio Control Club

Community Center, Pine Ridge Blvd, Pine Ridge, FL 34465

Flying Hours

 The Flying Field  can be used Dawn to Dusk Seven Days a Week.
Because of the Florida sun, most flying is in the morning before the day heats up.